José Alberto Zuccardi, a legend of Argentine wine

As part of the 2023 edition of his Argentina Special Report, renowned British wine critic Tim Atkin has chosen Director of Familia Zuccardi, José Alberto Zuccardi, as the Legend of the Year, thus highlighting his extensive and inspiring career.

Tim Atkin is a Master of Wine and an English wine journalist with over 30 years of experience. Considered one of the most prominent wine critics internationally, his annual report on Argentine viticulture is one of the most highly anticipated publications of the year for buyers and consumers of Argentine wine worldwide. In addition to rating the best wines of the year, he highlights leaders who have had great influence on the industry’s development.

“The history of the modern Argentine wine industry is in many ways the history of Zuccardi,” Tim Atkin affirmed. He also highlighted that “Zuccardi has been a guiding light of quality” for the country´s wine industry.


In his announcement, broadcasted live on social media, Tim Atkin dedicated this honor to José Alberto, The quality of the wines that you as a family are making have never been better, and they´re some of the great wines – not just of South America – but the world. A lot of that is down to you and to your vision.”

After his father founded the family winery in 1963, José Alberto began working with the winery in 1976, and since then, he has expanded it to become a benchmark not only in his country but also internationally, producing several of the finest wines of the southern hemisphere, inspired by his son Sebastián, whose mission is to cultivate wines that express the diverse terroirs of the Uco Valley.

Together with his children Julia and Miguel, José Alberto has successfully expanded the family winery by developing its tourism business and producing extra virgin olive oils that have gained international recognition.

José Alberto reflected on working together as a family: “I love that we can work long-term as a family-owned company. I´ve become part of my children´s projects and part of this new era for Argentina, where I think we are proving that Argentina is a world-class region in the world and with a lot of potential for the future. It may take one generation or two generations, but I think the best is coming.”

As an enthusiastic advocate for the potential of his country to produce world-class wines, José Alberto Zuccardi is one of the leading figures in the Argentine wine industry.

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